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Technical Expo Account Management Company provides the following services to its clients:

Administrative Services

When a convention, tradeshow or special event is booked into a facility TEAM Co. works behind the scenes, directly with exhibitors and show managers to order, implement and collect for all of the ancillary services necessary to successfully execute an event. Before, during and after each event, there are many steps involved in the administrative process. These include order receiving and processing, billing, collection of account receivables, revenue reporting, distribution of commissions to the facility and finally, payments to any outside vendors and service providers. All of the on-line administrative services we provide to our customers are part of a customized proprietary system which is fine-tuned and updated continually so our customers have access to the latest available technology.

Order Receiving

TEAM Co.’s most popular and widely-used service is its on-line ordering system currently accessible at This complete E-commerce site allows exhibitors the ability to order their ancillary show products and services at any time and from anywhere. Our on-line ordering system is secured with the highest level of Internet security available (SSL encryption) and requires the client to log in with a personal identification and password. The process is simple to understand and easy to use. Customers receive instant confirmation of their order. In addition to ordering products and services they can also email questions or specific booth requirements directly to our customer service representatives for personal assistance prior to show move-in. Besides our on-line system, exhibitors can still submit orders via fax, mail and at show site.

The on-line ordering system also allows facility staff to access our database information at all times through the use of a secure password and user identification. Staff members can track orders as soon as they are received and disperse the information to different departments. The accounting departments can use this information to project each event’s revenue before it is received. Marketing departments can capture the e-mail addresses of incoming guests and utilize the information to market your properties’ other amenities or offer specials that may be available to the exhibitor or show manager during the dates of their event.

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Order Processing

Once the exhibitor places an order with TEAM Co., he or she can be assured that their ancillary product and service needs will be met. Each show is specifically assigned to one or more of our customer service representatives (CSRs) depending on the size of the event. That representative follows the event through from the ordering process, to the on-site service, to show closing and final processing of accounts receivable.

Our company’s CSRs process orders that require a wide range of expertise. Many orders are submitted with technical drawings or floor plans that need to be translated and marked for service at the event. The CSR notates all of the products and services ordered by the exhibitor then follows up to make sure the order conforms to their specific requirements. This additional contact gives our CSRs the ability to offer additional services or products that the exhibitor may have forgotten.

During order processing the CSR must also perform accounting functions such as processing payment information and notifying exhibitors of order deadlines and late fees if they apply. When there is a dispute over late order rates, those problems are resolved very professionally and well in advance of the event ever taking place in the facility.

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Billing for Services

Most of the invoicing for products and services is performed through our on-line order system previously detailed. However, orders are sometimes placed at show site during move-in or on the first day of the show. These additional products or services are billed at the event by our on-site customer service representative. Other items that may be billed during an event are those that are discovered during the booth check process. These are products and/or services that were not ordered by the exhibitor or show manager, but are being utilized at show site.

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Accounts Receivable

The convention/tradeshow industry is a unique and difficult business. It is fast-paced, time sensitive, temporary and very cyclical. Because of these traits, it is very important to know what to expect from its participants and know when to get paid for fulfilling those expectations. Fortunately, TEAM Co. and its personnel have many years of experience in all aspects of the convention and tradeshow industry. Our company knows what exhibitors and show managers want and how soon they want it. We also know how quickly we need to bill and collect the revenue for the products and services they are temporarily provided. Our company has a flawless track record of collecting 100% of all accounts receivable for every convention, tradeshow or event that we have managed. TEAM Co. is able to provide this 100% collection guarantee is because of our proven management system and the expertise of our professional management and customer service staff.

TEAM Co. takes pride in creating a successful convention experience for your customers even during the collections phase of the event. Our staff treats each exhibitor with respect and dignity, at all times and are always there to help your facility staff or an outside service provider mediate any problems that may arise before, during or after any event.

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Revenue Reporting

TEAM Co.’s customized management system provides the capability to generate a number of helpful reports for a convention facility’s use, but the most valuable ones, by far, are our monthly financial reports that provide a true and 100% accurate accounting of all gross revenue generated from each event. Most public and private convention facilities are still dependent on the accuracy of reports from outside contractors unless they invest thousands of dollars for physical audits. Since 1999, TEAM Co. has provided its clients with a “live” on-line accounting system that allows facility personnel to audit the financial status of a particular event or all events within a specific period of time. As previously mentioned, the on-line auditing system is protected through a strict security protocol.

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Commission Distribution

At the end of each month, TEAM Co. generates a commission report for review by the facility’s accounting department. Once the report is approved, a copy of the report and all supporting documents are delivered to each facility’s accounting department so they can close out their monthly books. The advantage of having TEAM Co. collect and manage all of the events’ revenue and work on a commission basis is that it eliminates your burden of tracking revenue and equipment supplied by each in-house or outside vendor. Our management system lets you receive your commissions first, rather than wait for individual contractors and vendors to pay you.

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Accounts Payable

TEAM Co. also makes sure that all outside vendors and service providers receive payment for their products and services at the end of each month. Our billing and reporting program helps streamline this process as well. The vendors who have contracted with the facilities which we service have always been paid promptly and accurately. Our management system and prompt payment history has had a very positive affect on the level of service they deliver to your two facilities and they will continue to provide that same outstanding service to all three properties when managed through TEAM Co.

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On-site Customer Service

TEAM Co.’s customer service representatives (CSRs) perform many valuable services for your company. However, the most important part of their job takes place while interacting with exhibitors and show managers at show site. The representative assigned to the show during the ordering phase, then moves to the show site location in order to assist clients as they arrive to set up their booths. While at the service desk the CSR helps with technical matters, coordinates booth set-up with vendors and service providers and processes any last minute orders. One of their most important on-site duties is to ensure that all labor and material for each requested service is fully completed and approved by both the exhibitor and the service provider. All labor tickets are audited on-site and input into the computer each day.

After the show opens the CSR audits all orders and creates invoices for each exhibitor prior to and during show set-up. Once all of the invoicing is complete, the CSR delivers the invoices and payment receipts to the exhibitor in the booth. At that time, if there is an outstanding balance still due, the CSR collects the payment for those products and services as well.

Once the show is finished, the CSR is still not done servicing the event. Within one week of the show’s move-out, the CSR performs a final audit to make sure everything was charged and processed properly and there are no further adjustments. Now the show is ready to be submitted to our accounting supervisors for reconciliation and closing.

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Technical Assistance

TEAM Co.’s personnel receive training and updates on a wide variety of services. Our customer service representatives must be able to handle 90% of the questions asked by exhibitors or know when to connect them directly with the service provider for additional assistance. The TEAM Co. model allows for highly advanced and technical questions to be answered directly by the service provider who has a more in-depth knowledge of their trade. The customer service representative coordinates the conversation between the two parties through the use of a "warm transfer" after updating the service provider about the show name and booth number, and the exhibitor’s question. The customer service representative then follows up with the exhibitor and the service provider to make sure that the exhibitor’s questions were addressed and the appropriate orders are generated and accounted for in both the billing and technical reports.

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Facility Supervision

Certain tradeshows, conventions and events may require additional on-site representation by TEAM Co. personnel. At the discretion of the show manager or if requested by individual facility personnel our company will provide a qualified Facility Supervisor to aid in various duties that relate to the physical aspects of any event. Those duties include: Overseeing the move-in and move-out of all outside service providers to ensure that they adhere to the facilities’ rules and regulations. Assistance in writing incident reports for damages caused by outside service providers. Acting as a point of contact for outside service providers and exhibitors who utilize the technical services of the facility. Conducting a physical inspection, with the outside service providers, of all exhibit space prior to move-in and after move-out to determine if any damage has occurred.

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Marketing Opportunities

TEAM Co. will assist the facility or contractor in marketing their facilities and services. We will track all exhibitor orders and keep a permanent, readily accessible file for audits, inquiries, and questions by facility personnel. Detailed reports of each event will accompany the monthly commission report that is sent to each facility.

TEAM Co.'s ability to market shows is unsurpassed due to its customized online ordering system. When an order is received online or via mail or fax, TEAM Co. captures the e-mail address of the exhibitor. This information can then be used to broadcast e-mails to exhibitors that will be attending various tradeshows and events to advise them of additional opportunities offered by each property.

Many events often become repeat business for a facility. Once the history of a tradeshow has been established, our system allows your marketing department to compare historical data and help marketing personnel target their sales and marketing efforts in a direction that will increase profits on future shows.

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Forecast Assistance

One of the many benefits to your accounting and convention sales departments is the forecasting assistance that TEAM Co.’s program provides. With the monthly and annual booking reports received from your convention services department, TEAM Co. can assist your personnel in forecasting future revenue that will be generated through the ancillary services provided in your facility.

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